XLX 750

Located in Levin, New Zealand | Hosted by ZL1OZ / ZL2AUS

MOTD - P25 Reflector is currently down for maintance. All other Reflectors are on-line

Network Status

   Connected to the following QuadNet Array's

BrandMeister Modules

XLX Reflector           Group Reflectors XRF757A, XLX049D, XLX307D, XLX735A XLX750A linked to BM TG53020   XLX750Z linked to BM TG530   
Fusion Reflector       Smart Groups D-Star 1, D-Star 2, D-Star 3, D-Star 4    XLX750C linked to BM TG53050   XLX750Q linked to BM TG5054 QLD  
NXDN Reflector     XLX750D linked to BM TG53099 XLX750U linked to BM UK
P25 Reflector        XLX750T linked to BM TG53060 XLX750I linked to BM D-Star Northern Island